fiteBac Skin Care is a division of: Kimmerling Holdings Group

John Blizzard, Member and Lead Chemist, Kimmerling Holdings Group, LLC; Director of Research, Quadsil, Inc., enjoyed a highly successful thirty-five year career at Dow Corning, headquartered in Midland, Michigan during which he was awarded over 50 patents, including those related to transferal medical delivery systems. During his career, John served as Principal Investigator as well as Development Chemist for Department of Defense contracts. John is a methacrylate expert and has expertise in silicone polymer structure property relationships, abrasion resistant coatings, radiation cure chemistry and flame resistant coatings. John authored many publications and won numerous awards for his work. He frequently delivered presentations related to his areas of expertise.

John was the developer and inventor of fiteBac’s Skin Care Hand Softening Gel and holder of the pending patent. Challenged by Dr. Kimmerling, together they produced polymer chemistry expected to change polymer chemistry forever. They plan on using the groundbreaking chemistry to make the world a healthier place to live.