Germicidal Gel 3oz.

  • Hospital Grade Hand Sanitizer

  • No Alcohol or Drying Foam

  • No Active Ingredients Penetrate Skin

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fiteBac® Germicidal Hand Softening Gel is the Ultimate Clean Hand Solution destroying germs for hours with one application.

A unique patent pending formulation helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier while soothing dry damaged skin.

fiteBac® Gel helps alleviate dryness while maintaining a silky feeling even after frequent hand washing, or repeated glove use.

“I am a healthcare provider that attended a conference cruise where all my colleagues became ill but me. I attribute my good health to the use of fiteBac hand sanitizer.” – Karen B.

“As a nurse, I go through frequent hand washings each day and have noticed fiteBac helps with keeping water away.” – Lisa Meyers, Nurse

“This product is totally amazing! I have never used a skincare product that felt so good and, your hands continue to feel oh, so soft for hours! I highly recommend it.” – Linda

Independent clinical 1,2, studies show fiteBac® stays on the hands for four hours killing germs.

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Alcohol-based hand sanitizer evaporate in minutes leaving zero germ fighting protection.


fiteBac® actually penetrates the microbe cell wall with tiny spikes rupturing and killing the germ avoiding microbe resistance.

Our unique formulation stays on the skin not allowing the ingredients to penetrate the skin or get into the blood stream like other hand sanitizers. 3

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fiteBac® forms a hydrophobic barrier helping to prevent water, dirt and other contaminants but allows sweat and perspiration to evaporate naturally.

fiteBac® formulation is very similar to your under arm deodorant.

“Been using at my restaurant and love it. People look at my hands all day and I love how it makes them look young and healthy.”

“I have purchased this for my practice in SC and love it, hygienists seem to benefit from it specially during the colder months.”
-Mike Bolin

“The fact that fiteBac lasts for so long is my favorite part, haven’t seen a product like this in the market.”
– Amy Dunn / Nurse

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“As a registered dental hygienist, fiteBac has rejuvenated my skin and has provided me with a germ killing mechanism for several hours.”
– Charmaine / Dental Hygienist

“As an airline pilot, I come in contact with others from all parts of the world daily. fiteBac PROTECTS me!!”