About Us

FiteBac was founded by a team of medical professionals and international researchers dedicated to improving lives with antimicrobial technology.

Every day, we work to build partnerships using our technological materials and expertise to create safer and healthier environments and products.

Our first publicly available product was FiteBac Hand Sanitizer.




By design, it’s not like other hand sanitizers available on the market. It doesn’t dry out your hands because its patented formula uses a unique mixture of polymers to protect the skin. It stays on the skin while still allowing the skin to breathe and perspire.

The active ingredient in FiteBac Hand Sanitizer is not alcohol-based so our sanitizer doesn’t dry out your hands the way most conventional, commercially available products do. Instead, our active ingredient is the FDA-compliant benzalkonium chloride.

Our hand sanitizer is made with different materials than most and its powered by a different active ingredient than most which represents FiteBac’s approach to everything we do: be different and be better.

For more information on hand sanitizer and skincare-focused initiatives, please visit fitebacskincare.com.


Our next available product was FiteBac Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser.




FiteBac Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser was the brainchild of dentists and dental technology researchers with decades of experience. Too often, a dental procedure involves the physical removal of decay with an incomplete approach to treating the cause of the decay in the first place: harmful microbial contamination.

Our cavity cleanser is powered by the patented antimicrobial K21. It was strategically engineered to bond with filling materials and composites, address the harmful oral microbes that cause decay, and provide a fixed protective barrier where the filling materials and composites meet tooth structure in a patient. As a result, dental work is completed in a way that can set a patient up for greater long term success.

Our cavity cleanser is the first-ever FDA-cleared antimicrobial cavity cleanser and it’s just the first in the line of dental/oral-specific products designed, produced, and sold by FiteBac Dental.

For more information on our dental-related initiatives, please visit fitebacdental.com.

What else can we do?

That’s the great news: our proprietary antimicrobials can bond with many materials providing their benefits for many industries and for many people everywhere.

For more information on our antimicrobial technology and our potential industrial applications, please visit FiteBacTechnology.com – Applications.