Is fiteBac® safe?

Yes. fiteBac® has been tested by third party testing laboratories and is clinically tested, and dermatologist reviewed. fiteBac® has also been reviewed by the FDA and CDC.

Does fiteBac® contain triclosan?

No, fiteBac® does not contain triclosan. Triclosan is found in many antibacterial soaps and sanitizers. As of Jan. 1, 2017, triclosan will be banned in Minnesota. Minnesota is the first state to ban the substance, though the Food and Drug Administration was already looking into the health hazards of triclosan.

How much fiteBac® do I use at a time?

A pea size is the right amount of fiteBac® to use for both hands.


Why do we use only a PEA SIZE amount of fiteBac?

A very thin layer of fiteBac is all that is needed on your skin. fiteBac disperses on the skin quickly and evenly.

Why do we only need a thin layer of fiteBac?

The polymers of silicone drive into the crevices of your skin forming a barrier that does not evaporate like other water or alcohol based hand rubs.

Does fiteBac® contain any form of alcohol?

No, fiteBac® is 100% Alcohol Free. Frequent use of alcohol based hand sanitizer can lead to skin problems. The CDC states “approximately 25% of nurses report symptoms or signs of dermatitis involving their hands, and as many as 85% give a history of having skin problems. Frequent and repeated use of hand-hygiene products, particularly soaps and other detergents, is a primary cause of chronic irritant contact dermatitis”

How often can I use fiteBac® Hand Sanitizer?

Reapply fiteBac® every 4 hours for maximum protection.

How long does a 3 oz. Tube last?

A 3 oz. Tube provides 300 applications. fiteBac provides four hours of continuous protection, so if you were to apply fiteBac® twice a day at work, a 3 oz. tube would last over six months.

What germicidal agent does fiteBac® contain?

Benzalkonium Chloride



Questions From Dentists, Doctors, Nurses & Other Healthcare Providers:

Will I still have to follow my hospitals hand hygiene protocols if I use fiteBac®?

Yes. You will still need to follow any protocol provided by their healthcare facility. We often get this question from dentists, doctors, nurses, dental hygienists  who are suffering from skin problems due to adherence to stringent hand hygiene protocols.

Application of fiteBac® will help form a protective barrier between your skin and the many hand hygiene products and procedures that are required during the course of the work day. Frequent washing and glove use will not diminish the protective barrier formed by fiteBac® Hand Gel.

I think of all the things we handle in our daily routine as nurses. What I wonder is, if we use the hospital sanitizer will it diminish the 4 hour action of this product?

Alcohol based hand sanitizers do not effect the efficacy of fiteBac®. Research and testing included the use of alcohol based hand sanitizers and their was no negative or diminishing effect.


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