400+ Applications per Tube

fiteBac® Germicidal Hand Softening Gel formulation is very similar to the composition of under arm deodorant. Many deodorants claim all day protection. fiteBac® contains the very similar cross polymers of silicone (Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone) with PPG as the deodorants. Yet fiteBac® contains no alcohol, water or fragrance. fiteBac’s unique combination of the silicone elastomers and PPG provide extremely large polymers which bind the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride.

As you apply fiteBac® to your hands you can feel these polymers spread elegantly providing a foundation of antimicrobial protection. This thin layer is all that is needed because these large polymers creep into the skin crevices without penetrating the skin layer. So fiteBac’s added protection is the inhibition of Benzalkonium Chloride to penetrate the skin and cross into the bloodstream even after dozens and dozens of applications. 3 Independent studies show the significant substantivity of fiteBac® on the hands even after one application. 1,2,4

Substantivity is “Persistence of effect of a topically applied drug or cosmetic, determined by the degree of physical and chemical bonding to the surface; resistance to removal or inactivation by sweating, swimming, bathing, and friction, among other factors.”

These are several factors that make fiteBac® Germicidal Hand Softening Gel the Ultimate Clean Hand Solution.