750 ml Touch Free Dispenser
3500+ applications
Drip Tray Included

1250 ml Touch Free Dispenser
6000+ applications
Drip Tray Included

Metallic Dispenser Stand

Designed to sooth dry dehydrated skin while keeping hands velvety soft. A unique patent pending formulation lasts for hours killing germs without penetrating the skin, even after many applications in the day.

• Germicidal
• Alcohol free
• Encourages hand hygiene compliance
• Gentle silicon-based formula helps keep skin velvety soft
• Hydrophobic – helps prevent moisture penetration
• Allows skin to perspire or breathe
• Works in a way no other hand sanitizer or skin care does
• .20ml / per application
fiteBac Germicidal Hand Softening Gel can be used many times throughout the day to meet Hand Hygiene Compliance. Our gel gives a silky feeling even after frequent hand washings and repeated glove use.

• Water free
• Petroleum, paraben,and paraffin free
• Fragrance free
• Recommended for repeated use
• Does not compromise polypropylene, vinyl ,nitrile or latex gloves
• fiteBac formulation tolerates high heat and freezing temperatures without phase separations
• Cost-effective
• 3 year shelf life
• Made in the USA
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