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As an airline pilot, I come in contact with others from all parts of the world daily. The spreading of illnesses is obviously a concern. While normal hand sanitizers may kill germs, that is hopefully if I remember or am aware I was exposed. FiteBac PROTECTS me!! Not only do I put it on my hands but also rub the outside of my mouth to give me that added protection. I do share it with other crew members and they see an immediate solution for their younger children who have an increased chance of bringing something home from school.

The normal hand sanitizer has a tendency to dry my hands out but FiteBack actually keeps them from drying out and add a nice soft feel that does not interfere with my duties at work.

I only have very positive things to say about FiteBac and can not think of any criticism.
I even keep a tube in my car to ensure I am protected before I go shopping.
This is an excellent product!!

Airline Pilot

I am a nursing student and love this product.!! I use alcohol based foam each time I go in and out patients rooms and it has left my hands dry and cracked. Since I have started using Fitebac my hands are smooth and soft. I love the idea of the extra long protection I am getting with Fitebac. I use it twice a shift and feel like it has really helped me stay healthy this winter. We all know the gym is the worse for germs so I have used Fitbac as well when I workout. it makes me feel like I am protected from the other 100 people using the same machines. Overall , I would highly recommend this product! It not only protects but softens your hands at the same time!

Lori Etheredge
Nursing Student

I am a dental assistant and now a Grandmother. I have used Fitebac for almost four years. My daughter called me with concern on a weekend night before she bathed her son, he had a rash. A small area that looked like ringworm. Only being 6 months old we were very reluctant to apply anything with chemicals or creams that had alcohol. Knowing that Fitebac is gentle and no alcohol chemical to absorb into the skin, she applied it to the rash. Within less than 24 hours.. the rash was almost gone! It was amazing! This product has helped me and my family with big bites, cuts, scratches, scars.. and now rashes. Thank you Fitebac!

Tricia Williamson
Dental assistant

My name is Charmaine. As a registered dental hygienist, fiteBac has rejuvenated my skin and has provided me with a germ killing mechanism for several hours. This product relieves my dry, cracked hands during the winter time, leaving them feeling silky and smooth. I have been struggling with acne since I was a teenager. fiteBac has helped reduce the amount of breakouts, as well as improving the appearance of my skin. I would recommend this product to anyone who struggles with breakouts and skin irritations; it has a germicidal benefit as well as a smooth application. Thanks to fiteBac for helping to improve my skin after all of these years!

Dental Hygienist

I have been practicing Dental Hygiene for over 18 years and I am absolutely in LOVE with fiteBac!!! First, of all it alleviates my dry hands. Alcohol based hand sanitizers can really dry my hands out. The fact it is fragrance free is also a huge benefit. My gloves slide on with ease because of Fite Bac. Another benefit I found was it has cleared up my acne. I have had problems with break outs since my first pregnancy. I apply fiteBac all over my face morning & night. My makeup also goes on smoother too! My family also uses fiteBac for wound care & rashes. I just can’t say enough good things about this product! It has changed my life!!!!

Shari Grossmann
Dental Hygienist

This product is awesome! I have had a really hard time finding lotion that I can use because I am unable to use products with fragrances added. This one is perfect. It has been a fantastic find. I will definitely be keeping this on hand!


I have used fiteBac for a few years now and have not been sick in the two years since I started using it. That says a lot since I am in pharmaceutical sales and am touching door handles of doctors offices all day long. Needless to say I am in contact with a lot of germs. I don’t start my day without using fiteBac!

Angie Studstill
Pharmaceutical sales

My name is Sarah Muller. I am a registered nurse working in a progressive care unit. In the hospital we are constantly using abrasive soaps and hand sanitizers when going in and out of patient’s rooms. The constant hand hygiene along with my eczema causes skin breakdown and damages my skin barrier. I have been using fitebac and I am truly amazed by it. I have been letting everyone at work try it as well.

Sarah Muller
Nurse - Progressive Care Unit

This product is totally amazing! I have never used a skincare product that felt so good. And, your hands continue to feel oh, so soft, for hours!I highly recommend it.


As a nurse, I have to say that I love this product! It’s germicidal properties are fantastic for keeping your hands clean throughout the day and it can be used to help treat skin conditions like acne and psoriasis and everything in between! I love that it is non-drying and scent free unlike the alcohol scrub that hospitals use! It feels like I’m doing something good for my skin every time I put it on! I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone who loves for their skin to be clean and and healthy! ( which I hope is everyone!)

Lauren Pazda
Nurse (BSN,RN)

I’ve been using Fitebac for a couple weeks now and am very impressed with the quality of the product! It goes on so smooth and feels very good on your skin! And the bottle reads: “a little goes a long way” and that is definitely true! I’ve gotten a bit too much before but it really only takes a smidge! The science seems to show that it’s a wonderful product for the healthcare field! As a dental hygienist, any product that can protect myself and my patients is a quality product in my eyes!

Sandy Lee
Dental Hygienist (RDH)

My son works at a golf course as a cart boy…he is out in the elements all day long and his hands take a beating. He told me the pro shop had this hand softener and hand sanitizer that were just amazing. He brought home a little bit in a cup for me to try. My son said you only need a pea size amount and it goes a long way…well he was correct. It is amazing. I am a school teacher so I brought that little sample that my son gave me to school the next day. All the teachers loved it as well as my principal. I ended up purchasing two tubes one for myself and one for my son. I am going to get more at the request of my fellow teachers. If you want something that is long lasting and makes your hands ever so soft plus the bonus of sanitizing your hands please try fiteBac…it rocks!!!!

Gwynne Williams
Elementary School Physical Education Teacher

There is no other product that compares to fitebac, I highly recommend it. I like how moisturizing it is.

Kim Huber
Massage Therapist

I started using Fitebac when I was in chemotherapy. I love that it’s not as harsh on my hands as other sanitizers. Fitebac helped save my hands during 16 rounds of chemo over 4 months!!!!

Carly C.

FiteBac is by far the best germicidal gel/softening gel I have ever used. In addition to its anti-microbial element, this product reduces cross contamination when hands touch various surfaces. I have recommended this product to friends and those of us who use the product feel we have noticed a significant decrease in cold/sinus issues which we normally get periodically. You will notice the softener on your hands and when you look back over a few months you will notice a decrease in health issues within your family! I highly recommend FiteBac!

Michael J. Lonati

I started using fiteBac a few years ago at work and fell in love with it. It proved it’s worth once again on a recent trip to a destination wedding with several family members. We stayed in three different hotels but all sat at the same table during the reception. I used fiteBac faithfully all weekend but my family members did not. When we returned to Atlanta each of them was suffering from stuffy heads or chest congestion while I felt fine. I am convinced my use of fiteBac made the difference and will continue to use it regularly to protect myself from exposure to germs. Smooth hands and feet are an added bonus from regular use of fiteBac! Love this product!!!

Debra A.
Insurance Agent

This product is awesome! Besides the fact that it fights germs, it makes your hands feel so silky and soft. It does not leave a greasy feeling to your hands nor that horrible antiseptic smell either!! Love it and will highly recommend this product to all that I know.


I absolutely love this product! I use it on my 5 year old the most, being a little kid she touches everything in sight. I like the fact that I have peace of mind that her hands are truly clean and fighting bacteria while she’s at school. I will be ordering again once this runs out!!!

Shannon Irby

Fitebac skincare is wonderful. I put some on my hands every day before work and my hands stay moisturized all day long! I always wash my hands after most patients and it is amazing how soft my hands stay. My sister is a nurse and she loves it as well! Not to mention it is a relief to know that my hands also stay clean. I recommend it for everyone!


FiteBac is awesome for tattoos! I recently got a tattoo touched up and FiteBac provides the perfect amount moisture while keeping it clean at the same time.

Alexandra Mercogliano

We use FiteBac before we inject our patients with Botox and fillers to lower risk of infection!

Emily Condle

Me and my family use FiteBac every day! Not only for antibacterial use, it helps with dry skin, bug repellant, and many skin irritations and dermatitis… We love this product!

Payton Williamson

My family of four took fiteBac on our recent trip to Universal/Disney. With the millions of possibilities for germs, it was cool knowing that we could use a tiny bit to fight off exposure while protecting us for 4 hours. No smell and it actually feels good on your hands. We’ve scrapped the old sanitizer bottles and take the tubes everywhere!


I travel regularly and love the product. I have turned my whole family on to it as well.


I love this product and recommend it for all hygienists. I heard from a few friends that fiteBac helped with protection against mosquitos.  Although skeptical at first, I have found it to be true.

Bobby Ghazi

Started using fiteBac on a friend’s recommendation that it helped with cuticles and strengthening nails, it seems to work.


Love the hand softening gel, notice a tremendous amount of difference after having used it for less than a month.


FiteBac skin care is one of my favorite products! Although its initial use is a Germicidal Gel, it also makes my hands feel soft and smooth. I work outside in the heat and my hands were always rough and cracked. After using FiteBac, my hands are perfectly healed. I use this product everyday and LOVE the results!! I highly recommend this product over other hand sanitizers and lotions.

Mackenzie Jones

I am a tennis professional and spend a lot of time on the court. This product is fantastic in that I can’t feel it on my skin, even though I know it is there. Great sunblock feature, keeps the bugs off of me and it stays on for hours even while I am sweating.

Patrick Curry
Tennis Professional

Just incredible this fiteBac. I covered my skin to protect from the water but got a lot more. Surprise… did you know this blocks the sun? I should have been sunburned but I was not red at all after many hours on the river. Julius N. Stuttgart, Germany

Julius N.

I vacationed in the wooden Vosges mountains in France. Got bitten by ticks and got a severe local reaction. Applying fiteBac germicidal hand softening gel brought fast relief, thanks to my grandpa, a physician, who recommended it to me. Clara N., Paris/ France

Clara Niedworok

Suffering from severe mosquito bites with blisters and inflammation, I tried the fiteBac germicidal hand softening gel upon recommendation from my physician, and it worked within two days. Inflammation and itching gone, blisters drying out. Barbara K., Cologne, Germany

Barbara Krueger
House wife

I constantly rub antibacterial gel into my hands because I am so phobic about germs. This left me with rough, sore and red hands. You can imagine what a pleasant surprise fiteBac is. The antibacterial action lasts for hours, and my hands have never been so soft and smooth.

Susan Drapeau

As a professional in the Health care industry for over 20 years I have tried a lot of products that claim to be the best hand sanitizer on the market. Trust me when I say ” this is it”! I also am using it to repel those wonderful biting bugs we have in the south! It REALLY does work as a bug repentant without the side effect of harmful DEET!!! This product is a game changer when it comes to protecting your health. Now you can choose how you want to “fiteBac” to say heathy!!!

Kelly M
Health care

I have been using fiteBac for a couple of years now and love everything about it! The fact that it is non-greasy and stays on so long are extra pluses! My grandson and his team mates all use it without complaining. They say it does not smell yucky like the other stuff! I keep a tube in my purse and at the kitchen and bathroom sinks! Thanks fiteBac!

Anita Nolen

I work at a nursing home with some health problems, it helps me to protect myself from coming in contact with germs that are everywhere. At the gym one day, I was putting it on my hands and some one asked what I was using. I told her it was an invisible glove.

Rosalie Metoyer

I have been using fiteBac for almost 4 years. My child and I love it! I put it on his hands every morning before dropping him off at daycare. It keeps him well and keeps our skin so soft!


I use fiteBac on a daily basis for several reasons. Because it makes my hands feels so soft and silky. I love the fact that it is alcohol free and doesn’t dry my hands out, and because I know it protects me from all sorts of germs for many, many hours in the day. I really love, this product, and have given it to many friends, and family members who love it too after their first use. Keep up the good work! Elaine


Fitebac is a phenomenal product! Working in a dental office, changing my gloves numerous times a day made my hands very dry and irritated. Now with FiteBac, not only are my hands moisturized and left feeling silky smooth but I also know that they are germ free! I keep a small sized FiteBac in my purse to use throughout the day, which is so convenient! I also keep one at work in my room, so I can always start out my work days with it on my hands! I highly stand by and recommend this product to anyone!!!

Dental Assistant

I use fitebac twice a day and I love it!! I have such dry skin and since I have been using this my hands and skin are so soft! its a great product and I would recommend everyone to use it!!


I have been using fiteBac for three years now! I love the silky smooth feeling and that my hands no longer crack. My kids know not to leave for school without applying fiteBac. I even put a little under their nose. I believe that it has really helped them avoid many illnesses!

Dental Hygienist

As a chef I wash my hands very frequently and I love the fact that I do not have to re-apply the gel every time after washing. The protective layer stays on all day. My hands feel softer and healthier


I have been using Fitebac hand gel for over 2 years and I have been very happy with it. Its especially helpful keeping my hands soft so that I don’t have a problem putting on gloves over and over again throughout the day taking care of my patients. So glad we have this! Thank you!


I love fiteBac! I use it everyday all over my hands and arms! I love how it’s so different from other hand sanitizers, no alcohol and no burn! It makes my hands feel so soft! I keep on in my purse at all times and I have given some to all of my friends too!


I have have been using FiteBac for over two years, and I absolutely love it! It makes my hands so soft. Before FiteBac, I have had really dry hands and i’ve noticed such a great difference ever since I started using it. I can also notice me not getting sick as much as I used to. It really prevents cross contamination. I recommend FiteBac to EVERYONE once you start using it you can’t stop.

Courtney McCravy
Dental Assistant

I love FiteBac! I started using it twice a day about 6 months ago on my hands and I love it. My hands were always dry and my cuticles were always in bad shape. Ever since I started using it my cuticles are healed and my hands are always moisturized. I highly recommend using it everyday!


Fitebac is awesome!! My brother-in-law came to visit. Complained how the skin on his elbows was cracked and hurting. We had him use Fitebac and in two days it was dramatically better. He was amazed! Said nothing he has ever used in the past has helped the discomfort and cleared it up! He is hooked on fitebac!!!

Michael F.

I’ve used fiteBac for approx 5yrs every day while at work. I love the way it feels on my hands when applying, and I love the fact that I don’t have the cracking anymore from multiple hand washings I do throughout the day. Plus, I discovered a new use for it. I work out pretty much everyday and have found that my feet are starting to show signs of athletes foot and cracking/itching from being in my sweaty socks. So, I took it upon myself to apply it to my feet. Within just a couple of hours of using it, the itching had gone away. And the flaky skin has turned into soft supple skin. I love it!! I would recommend this product to anyone who has an active lifestyle and doesn’t have time for germs!

Christine Grenon

I have been using fitebac for 9 months now and I love it! Makes my hands silky smooth. It has germicidal benefits which are great for someone like me who enjoys working out at the gym everyday!

Dental Assistant

I have been in the dental field for over 20 years. Never have I been able to grow healthy nails, with my hands in gloves and constantly washing them. I have been using FiteBac for over two years. Finally I have strong healthy nails that I actually have to trim back!!! I owe it all to Fitebac!! It is an amazing product! I love it! Makes your hands silky smooth.


I have been using fiteBac several times a day and have seen dramatic results in the condition of my skin.


I love the fact that this product is non-greasy and it lasts so long. Definitely helps with dry skin.


Bought a 3 oz for my dry hands since it is alcohol free, six months later I’m still using the same tube. Love this stuff.


I’m a flight attendant with a major airline in Atlanta, my crew and I all use it. Works great for softening hands.

Flight Attendant

I started using fitebac for the germ killing properties, but this is the best hand softener I have ever used.


fiteBac is an amazing product. Alcohol based hand sanitizers were drying out my hands. fiteBac not only kills germs, it is like a luxury skin softening lotion also.


I was given fiteBac by a friend who thought it might help with cracked heels on both my feet. As a runner this can be very painful. After two weeks use, my feet are back in shape. Good stuff.


Started using fiteBac on a friend’s recommendation that it helped with cuticles and strengthening nails.


As a nurse, I go through frequent hand washings each day and have noticed fiteBac helps with keeping water away.

Lisa Meyers

I have tried samples of this product and it really works with dehydrated skin. Definitely notice a difference versus using alcohol hand sanitizer.


fiteBac has become a daily household sanitizer for my family and I, we love this product, wish it was available in retail stores nearby.


Very impressed with this product as both a hand sanitizer and keeping my skin smooth and silky.


Been using at my restaurant and love it. People look at my hands all day and I love how it makes them look young and healthy.


I have purchased this for my practice in SC and love it, hygienists seem to benefit from it specially during the colder months.

Mike Bolin

The fact that fiteBac lasts for so long is my favorite part, haven’t seen a product like this in the market.

Amy Dunn

Been using it in addition to using alcohol sanitizers, hands not cracking as much. Really enjoy the product.


I have been using fiteBac for about a year now and have seen dramatic improvement in the overall condition of my skin. It seems to have really helped with moisturizing my dry skin and seems to last for a really long time.


I used fiteBac mostly as a sanitizer for more than a year, but have noticed a remarkable effect on healing cuts, recommend this product very highly.

Dave Ramsey

I’ve been using fiteBac for the last six months and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin condition. Absolutely LOVE this product.

Bob Michales

I have been using fiteBac in the winter months as the cold really dries my hands. Love how it rejuvenates my skin.

Mandy M.

I get boils along my panty line. The fiteBac germicidal gel gets rid of them within two days without any nasty oozing or popping. Thank you.


As a nurse, I can assure you… fiteBac Skincare Hand Softening Gel really works.

Nancy B

fiteBac is very comfortable when using latex/nitrite gloves. It goes on easily; goes a long way and is not at all greasy


As soon as I used this the first time I knew it was different from anything I had previously used. It stays silky even after washing your hands. Use it in the morning and still feel it at night. Now I use it on my feet also. Completely changed my skin from rough and hard.


This product is fantastic ! Not greasy and no strong scent . Leaves skin feeling soft and clean.

Sally Clark
New Patient Coordinator

I gave a tube to a friend with skin problems in her foot. For over 2 years she has tried everything and after just a very short period of time, my friend’s foot is back to normal. She was skeptical when I gave it to her but she is now a true believer.

Kathy Riley

I have been using Fitebac for about 4 years now. I LOVE it! I apply it at the beginning of my work day and then again after lunch. During the winter it keeps my hands moisturized and protected from cracking. This product really gives me a piece of mind knowing that my hands are completely protected from germs even if I accidentally touch a contaminated surface. GREAT PRODUCT for anyone to use.

Dental Hygienist

Fitebac has been wonderful for my skin! I am a health care provider and have to wash my hands several times a day and wear gloves. I no longer have dry skin and it prevented my hands from being chapped. Love this product!

Health Care Provider

A friend bought me a bottle of fiteBac and the first time I used it I knew it was unique – just by the way it feels. I have tried many different and much more expensive hand lotions and this is my favorite by far.

Kelly Stonerock

I have used fiteBac for several years now & love it!!! I apply it on my hands everyday at work. It has completely replaced the alcohol hand sanitizers for me. I love that I no longer have dry cracked skin that came from the sanitizers I was using previously. I have recently started using it on my heels as well. It’s working great on that dry skin too. I’m officially ready for flip flops. 🙂

Lindsay A
Dental Hygienist