How long does your hand sanitizer last?


fiteBac® SkinCare Gel. It’s not just a game changer; it’s a whole new game! Available in two formulations: a hand softening germicidal gel, and a hand softening gel.
Designed to help soothe dry, dehydrated skin while keeping hands velvety soft. A unique patent pending formulation helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.
Our gel helps alleviate dryness while maintaining a silky feeling even after frequent hand washings, glove use or exposure to harsh elements.


Our unique, patent pending antibacterial formula Lasts 4 Hours. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers evaporate in 2 minutes leaving zero germ-fighting protection.
Frequent use of alcohol based hand sanitizers can damage your skin leaving it dry and cracked. With fiteBac® you no longer need to sacrifice your skin to stay healthy.


 fiteBac® actually penetrates the microbe cell wall, instantly killing germs and bacteria. Germs are unable to develop resistance to fiteBac.® 

By reducing bacteria and germs on skin, our germicidal hand gel is helping people:



fiteBac® forms a hydrophobic barrier which means water, dirt, grease, grime,  and other contaminants are repelled.
fiteBac® revitalizes and invigorates your skin, leaving your hands feeling soft, silky and smooth. You’ll notice the difference immediately after the very first application.

THE DENTAL ADVISOR awarded fiteBac® with an Editors’ Choice and Five-Star rating.

fiteBac® was also given the
Top Infection Control Product Award.

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I’m a flight attendant with a major airline in Atlanta, my crew and I all use it. Works great for softening hands.
Flight Attendant
I started using fitebac for the germ killing properties, but this is the best hand softener I have ever used.
Carmen Adkins Pritchet
As a nurse, I go through frequent hand washings each day and have noticed fiteBac helps with keeping water away.
Lisa Meyers
Been using at my restaurant and love it. People look at my hands all day and I love how it makes them look young and healthy.
I have purchased this for my practice in SC and love it, hygienists seem to benefit from it specially during the colder months.
Mike Bolin
The fact that fiteBac lasts for so long is my favorite part, haven’t seen a product like this in the market.
Amy Dunn