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FiteBac was founded by a team of medical professionals and international researchers dedicated to improving lives with antimicrobial technology.


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FiteBac Presents in Germany at International Dental Show

U.S.-Based FiteBac Presents in Germany for First Time at International Dental Show, IDS2021, to Feature New Antimicrobial Additives for Dental Restorative MaterialsSummary: FiteBac will be a new, featured presenter at the world’s largest dental conference, IDS 2021,...

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antimicrobial technology

FiteBac® is a versatile antimicrobial technology, developed by Dr Kirk Kimmerling and Dr Franklin Tay, in collaboration with researchers from around the world, allowing for the incorporation of antimicrobial protection into almost any material.

By linking potent quaternary ammonium antimicrobials to a polymerizable silane backbone, they have developed a versatile new class of antimicrobial compounds that can be permanently incorporated into most materials.

Peer-reviewed scientific publications, as well as the recent clearance of K18 QAMS by the FDA for use in the manufacturing of dental acrylics, show the efficacy of the FiteBac® approach.