Discover FiteBac® Antimicrobial Technology

FiteBac, manufacturer of patented antimicrobial compounds and additives for dentistry
and medicine, announces partnership with RDAbbott to provide non-leaching, durable
and persistent bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal protection in synthetic and silicone

Summary: After the successful launch of multiple FDA-cleared antimicrobial dental devices,
FiteBac partners with RDAbbott’s team of experts devoted to the advancement of elastomers
and rubber products to synergize FiteBac’s broad-spectrum antimicrobial effectiveness in
polymer systems for revolutionary medical and dental devices.

For 10 years, founder Dr. Kirk Kimmerling and a team of over 30 scientists and dental
researchers have brought FiteBac Technology to the forefront of Antimicrobial Dentistry.
Dedicated and passionate researchers have created built-in authority with dozens of scientific
publications providing the evidence and proof that lead to FiteBac’s composition of matter
antimicrobial patents, as well as FDA recognition of FiteBac’s lead molecules K18 and K21 in
cleared antimicrobial dental devices. This global FiteBac Project continues to include more
scientists from universities and industries throughout the world who are creating advanced
composites, coatings, textiles, and drug applications.

“RDAbbott and Rick Ziebell accomplished something quite vital for FiteBac,” said Dr.
Kimmerling. “With their silicone and rubber expertise and our antimicrobial technology, we’re
poised to bring more life-changing antimicrobial products to market in short order.”
RDAbbott is a full-service supplier, serving the rubber industry since 1948. They have a team of
industry experts with a genuine desire to serve, equipped with a comprehensive testing
laboratory, and produce premium elastomer products with warehouses throughout the United
States, Canada, and Mexico.

“To date, FiteBac Technology provides the best antimicrobial additive to rubber fluids in
elastomer systems”, said Rick Ziebell, VP of Technology at RDAbbott.

About FiteBac Dental

FiteBac Dental, established in 2016, offers the latest technology in dentistry that addresses
microbial contamination, the underlying cause of most dental diseases. In 2020, FiteBac
became the first company to release an FDA-cleared Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser, containing
the antimicrobial K21.

FiteBac now offers dental manufacturers the ability to create superior antimicrobial and biofilm-
resistant products: dental composites, dentures, crowns, bonding agents/adhesives, sealants,
cements, endodontic sealers, resin systems, 3D-printed materials, implants, flexible silicone
mouth guards, night guards, retainers, and mouth rinses.