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U.S.-Based FiteBac Presents in Germany for First Time at International Dental Show, IDS
2021, to Feature New Antimicrobial Additives for Dental Restorative Materials

FiteBac will be a new, featured presenter at the world’s largest dental conference, IDS 2021, in
Cologne, Germany in September. They will announce the brand new ability to license their
antimicrobial additives for use in dental materials so manufacturers can make their existing
products antimicrobial. Better products = better patient outcomes.

COLOGNE, Germany

The Marietta, GA-based biotech company, FiteBac, announced it will present its new
antimicrobial technology at the International Dental Show, IDS 2021, from September 22-25 in
Cologne, Germany. Global dental manufacturers will be able to license the technology as an
antimicrobial additive, which is already present in multiple FDA-cleared dental devices, for a
superior approach to dentistry with antimicrobial protection.

In 2020, FiteBac became the first company to release an FDA-cleared Antimicrobial Cavity
Cleanser, containing the antimicrobial K21. Research, in addition to allowable FDA claims,
shows FiteBac Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser not only helps to remove debris in carious lesion
preparations but also helps to reduce the presence of dentally relevant organisms within
prepared tooth structure. It penetrates exposed dentin tubules, allowing restorative adhesives to
tightly bind to the prepared dentin surface.

FiteBac’s novel technology is the marriage of antimicrobial technology and material science,
enabling manufacturers of modern materials to provide sustained, non-leaching antimicrobial
protection across an expansive range of products.

The technology is present in multiple cleared dental products/devices, passing all rigorous FDA
review processes, with built-in authority from academic research. This validates FiteBac’s
patented molecular technology and its performance as an additive for medical products/devices
to provide durable antimicrobial traits.

“I’ve been practicing dentistry for almost 40 years and there has never been anything like what
we have,” said founder and president, Dr. Kirk Kimmerling. “We have proven our technology and
it is present in multiple materials and devices cleared by the FDA. By licensing our antimicrobial
additives, we can help manufacturers upgrade existing products and create a healthier world in
the process. FiteBac Technology can now treat humanity’s number one disease: dental caries.”
FiteBac now offers dental manufacturers the ability to create superior antimicrobial and
biofilm-resistant products: dental composites, dentures, crowns, bonding agents/adhesives,
sealants, cements, endodontic sealers, resin systems, 3D printed materials, implants, flexible
silicone mouth guards, night guards, retainers, and mouth rinses.

During IDS 2021, FiteBac will be present to meet with global manufacturers and researchers to
discuss partnerships to further the application of their revolutionary technology.

FiteBac, based in Marietta, GA, is a private company dedicated to the research, development,
and commercialization of innovative healthcare products incorporating FiteBac technology, a
superior approach to antimicrobial protection.

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